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Predictive Maintenance Services

The most detailed information about the health of rotating machines is obtained from the bearings.
It is provided by analysis of vibration measurements. Every malfunction, physical
It manifests itself at different frequencies depending on its characteristics. Vibration; first
undesirable because they waste energy and create sound and noise at this stage.
Although there may be cases, it may even cause the machines to become unusable.
They give. This situation increases maintenance-repair costs and causes undesirable problems.
causes downtime, spare parts costs, and equipment scrapping.
it could be

The balance problem is generally defined as the geometric centerline of the shaft and the mass
It is a condition that occurs when the center lines do not overlap each other.
This difference causes high vibration in the rotational speed frequency of the shaft. This
The amplitude value of the vibration will increase as the imbalance increases. For this reason high
Due to vibration, bearings, housings, shafts, etc. in the relevant equipment may be damaged. malfunctions occur
will start.

Coupling misalignment is an axial misalignment problem.
Poorly aligned shafts cause many machine problems:
When misalignment occurs, the loads on the shaft increase significantly due to the forces occurring within the coupling. In machines whose coupling adjustment cannot be made properly; Bearing damage, coupling damage increases, seal leakage problems occur and energy costs increase. Laser coupling adjustment prevents all these negativities and unplanned downtime by providing precise, quick and reliable adjustment.

Belt-pulley alignment is the best method to prevent wear of both the pulley and the belt and to extend their life. Correct belt-pulley alignment reduces unplanned downtime, increases equipment reliability and saves energy.

Maintenance System Audit

Compressed air is the most expensive energy source of a business, and compressed air leakage flows are one of the most important factors affecting operating expenses.
We provide services that minimize your energy costs by detecting compressed air leaks that we cannot hear with our ears, with ultrasonic air leak detectors.

Problems at friction points in electric motors, reducers, shaft shafts, bearings and mechanical systems show thermal differences. In this case, when observed with a thermal camera, problems that may cause wear or breakage can be detected remotely by eye. At the same time, loose connections in electrical distribution panels can cause serious production and occupational health problems for your business. Periodic measurement Although devices minimize problems, they may not always prevent malfunctions from occurring.
In addition to periodic measurements from your business using a thermal camera, we apply the Erbessd Thermografic camera, which will monitor your critical electricity distribution panels 24/7, to your business as long as you want and report instant notifications to you.

Predictive Maintenance Products

Erbessd Vibration Analyzer | Balancer

The best on-site option for data recording and balancing. A vibration
analyzer complete with advanced functions displayed in a very intuitive
interface allowing you to customize your machinery monitoring system.

Erbessd Online Monitoring System

Newest technology in wireless sensors: Vibration, Speed, Temperature,
Amperage & Universal sensors. Upload data into the cloud and monitor
your equipment anyywhere. The perfect condition monitoring system &

Erbessd Wireless Triaxial Accelerometer

Universally adaptable. Apps are included for iOS devices. Cloud-based
route collection. The machinery monitoring system is a set of tools that
allows you to have control over your information in a handheld device.

Erbessd Turbocharger Balancing Machine

Ideal for high speed turbochargers and lightweight rotors. The low inertia of the soft bearing suspensions increases sensitivity

Soft Bearing Suspensions for Balancer

Build your own Balancing Machine with these
Soft Bearing Suspensions. Planes for the bench
are included in your purchase!

Soft Bearing Suspensions for Balancer

Universal Soft Bearing Balancing Machines.
Browse our list and find the perfect machine for
your necessities.

Laser Alignment System